Ecological Sustainability is considered through the careful minimization and deposit of all wastes and through the development and support of product innovation with a focus on recycled, recyclable and re-use of materials.

Dezign Interiors' strong commitment to a sustainable future can be seen throughout our product range such as the use of various CFC free foams in our chair ranges, and in our demountable partition and workstation systems that are 90% re-usable.


Tabisso understands the importance of social and environmental responsibility. Each lounge chair uses European timber from certified sustainably managed forests and is manufactured locally in France for reduced logistic cycles.

As a socially responsible company Tabisso supports charity programs to promote and improve basic literacy material to elementary schools in developing countries.


Sedus has practiced active environmental protection for over fifty years through the conservation of resources, the use of environmentally responsible materials and the holistic view of each product from development and production to packaging and logistics.



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