Tabisso Product Range

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With a focus on high-end products, TABISSO develops original furnishing solutions that stir the imagination. Typographia is a unique collection of typographic lounge-chairs representing all the letters from A-Z and numbers from 0-9.

A set of floor lamps covering more than 25 punctuation marks completes the collection. The playful yet chic aesthetic of typographia enables users to communicate a message, tone or style that goes beyond the objects themselves.

Unita complements the more playful Typographia range with its sleek and simple design and high quality detailing. Including a range of side tables and ottomans, Unita is available in a diverse range of upholstery, shell and base finishes.

Designed and manufactured in Saint Nazaire, France, Tabissos’ design furniture is now available in Australia through Dezign Interiors. The unique collections include

Typograhphia Lounge Chairs available in letters and numbers

Typographia Floor Lamps in punctuation marks

  • Unita Lounge Chairs
  • Unit Side Tables
  • Unita Ottomans

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